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The Bayard Printing Group is a regional supplier of publications, periodicals and printing with our own direct mail processing center and in-house US Postal Service substation. We serve the Mid-Atlantic region of NEPA, Williamsport, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Pocono, Allentown, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and Washington DC area from multiple locations in Central PA and NEPA. We offer products and services for large corporations and small business.

The Bayard Printing Group is strategically located within a 400 mile radius of more than 40% of the nation's population. This includes the major US markets of Philadelphia ( 113 miles ), New York City ( 125 miles ), NJ Coastal Cities ( 175 miles ), Washington DC ( 226 miles ), Boston ( 310 miles ) as well as the Canadian business centers of Toronto ( 350 miles ) and Montreal ( 402 miles ).

In addition to our in-house US Postal Service substation, Bayard’s distribution centers ship world wide via UPS, FedEx and all major shippers. Our ability to ship anywhere quickly is further enhanced by our close proximity to the major northeast U.S. corridors of Interstates 80, 81 and 476 as well as a newly remodeled International Airport.

Bayard is, and always will be, committed to growth, innovation, and “over the top” customer service. Call us, you have a friend in the business - the Bayard Printing Group, talk to us soon. 800-432-9738 or click Contact Us.


Bayard Corporate PrintShops - Overview

A Bayard Corporate PrintShop is a private, custom website that contains your company’s print products and allows authorized users to create, customize, proof, order, manage and distribute print material over the web from any location accessible by a standard browser.

Bayard’s user friendly online solutions are right for business of all sizes. In its simplest form, a Bayard Print Shop is an individual private account on BayardPrinting.com that allows the user to view, customize and order their own print products and have them delivered to their door.

It can also be much more. A Bayard Corporate PrintShop can be scaled to accommodate any number of In-house locations, departments or divisions, distributors, franchise owners, sales associates, wholesale dealers or any constituent group. It can also contain a broad range of diverse print and non-print products like branded thumb drives, coffee mugs, business apparel products and more in a custom tailored white label shopping experience.

Also, you never have to worry about unauthorized orders being placed because every order goes through an in-house review process where orders must be approved before they ever get to Bayard.

All this means that even when out of house personnel and third parties such as distributors and franchise owners are involved, the parent corporation keeps control over their brand, knows who is using their materials, controls how it was customized and knows that items have been inspected, approved and accounted for before the order is ever fulfilled.

Just think, custom marketing material can now be created and ordered at any time, from any location with internet access. Take advantage of an unexpected business opportunity, quickly target individual markets or even individual clients due to very low volume ordering requirements. You don’t have to order more than you need and you never have to be unprepared to meet an opportunity again.

Contact Bayard Printing for more information or to set up a free no obligation PrintShop demo.


Corporate PrintShop - Structure

A broad range of Print and Non-Print Products are supported.
• Flexible
Adaptable to Most Needs

In its base form, a Bayard Print Shop can be as simple as an individual private account on BayardPrinting.com. However, it can also be a customized shopping experience to fit the unique needs of your company's print and non-print products, users and fulfillment.

• Scaleable
Grows With You

A Bayard Corporate Print Shop can be scaled to accommodate any number of company users, divisions, locations and departments and contain a broad range of diverse print and NON PRINT products.

• Brandable
Three Levels of Branding

Bayard offers multiple levels of branding to fit your requirements and budget. Please contact us for more information and pricing concerning branding.


Corporate PrintShop - Users

A broad range of Print and Non-Print Products are supported.
• User Accounts

An unlimited number of user accounts can be set up to access a Corporate PrintShop. User will have their own login credentials, order history and more.

• Spending Limits
Stay on budget

Spending Limits can be set at the user or sub-unit level. Spending limits can be set for almost any time period and can be made to expire, automatically renew or carry over. When a user is logged in, updated Spending Limits are visible at the top of every page.

• Quantity Limits
Control Stock Depletion

Maximum order quantity for individual products can be set and enforced on each order.

• Order Approval
Administrative Approval

When an order is placed, it is automatically put in hold until it is approved by a company administrator. No order gets passed along to production by Bayard without being approved.

• Promo Codes
Discount Rewards

Promo Codes are discounts also known as coupon codes. Coupon codes can be issued on product and redeemed in the shopping cart at checkout. Promo codes come in three types: Fixed Amount, Percentage or Incremental. Promo Codes are setup to start and expire at certain time periods.


Corporate PrintShop - Products

Print and Non-Print Products
• Design Print Products
Start with a Blank Canvas

A print product completely designed online by the user, printed and fulfilled by Bayard. We supply a blank canvas product and create a library of the users artwork.

• Customizable Print Products
Edit Products with Corporate Limits

A print product is set up to be customized online within a set of approved company parameters, printed and fulfilled by Bayard. The user cannot alter anything they are not permitted to edit.

• Upload Print Products
Your Designs Uploaded for Printing

A print product which is designed by the user off-line, uploaded to the store as a PDF, printed and fulfilled by Bayard.

• Stock Print Products
PrePrinted Products Used to Fulfill Orders

A Stock Print Product is material that has been pre-printed by Bayard and kept in stock to fulfill orders placed online.

• Stock Non-Print Products
All Types of Products can be Ordered and Fulfilled

A Stock Non-Print Product is a product, NOT printed by Bayard but hosted in the store and fulfilled by Bayard. A Stock Non-Print Products can be anything from a branded thumb drives and coffee mugs to business apparel products and much more. It can also be a print product that has not been printed by Bayard.

• Kit Products
The Grouping of Multiple Products

Kit products consist of a combination of other products grouped together for ordering. They can be made up of any combination of print or non-printed products.


Corporate PrintShop - Accounting

Keep Track of Everything
• Accounting
Know Where Your Resources Go

A variety of payment methods can be supported for each Corporate PrintShop.

                    • Accounting Codes
                    • Cost Center
                    • Credit Card
                    • PO Number

If the PrintShop is structured to contain sub-unit, each sub-unit can have its own payment method.

Reports can be generated to satisfy almost any type of accounting requirements.


Corporate PrintShop - Fulfillment

Getting the Product in the Users Hands
• Fulfillment
All popular carriers

Bayard's 100,000 square foot fulfillment center is located in the Wilkes-Barre / Scranton area of Pocono Northeastern Pennsylvania. The facility is strategically located within a 400 mile radius of more than 40% of the nation's population, we are serves by all major carriers and connected by major NE U.S. corridors. Please see ground shipment time map below.

• Shipping
All popular carriers

Our standard shipping methods, UPS and FedEx Ground, Next Day Air and Saturday Delivery are included in each Corporate PrintShop. Other shipping methods can be also be added. Shipping costs are estimated and listed in the cart on every order.

Additionally, If the PrintShop is structured to contain sub-units representing divisions, locations, departments, dealers or constituent companies, each sub-unit can also have its own shipping method.


Corporate PrintShop - Information

Time for some Hands On Experience

If you have not already done so, the Bayard Printing Group would like to give you a no obligation / no pressure personal presentation and a chance to get all of your questions answered and see the workings of a Corporate PrintShop first hand.

Please give us a call at 800-432-8738 or drop us an email PrintShops@BayardPrinting.com

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